Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Trip to the Beach

After a week of rainy, hot and humid days, today was the best day of the week. We took a trip to Coney Island to hang out, walk the boardwalk, see a couple of freak shows, eat greasy artery clogging food, and...RIDE THE CYCLONE!! Yes, that old rickety, wooden roller coaster. I must say I may never, ever ride it again! First of all certain people had the bright idea of sitting in the back. OK??? I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. I think I got whiplash from the violent thrusting from side to side, I have bruises on my knees, elbows and thighs, a sore throat from screaming non-stop for the full ride and once it was all over it took me about 5 minutes to remember where I was and all this torture for $8. Would I ever go on it again...OH YEAH!

I laid low today and left my baby home, these were taken with old faithful, my Canon SD900 point and shoot.

Did I mention the beach was packed??

Check out these reviews on Yelp of the Cyclone, hilarious!


Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

I love the pictures you captured of the beach! They are great!

Dotun said...

nice shots

~~JAZ~~ said...

Love these girl!! Coney Island is so much fun and the Cyclone rocks!!

Keith said...

Great photos. These are so amazing. I love them all. Hope your week has started off well. Cheers!