Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Beautiful, graceful and charming are words that come to my mind when describing Sharmeen. She's an aspiring book editor who loves to knit and crochet with the hopes of one day having an online boutique to sell her crafts. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is her favorite place to hang-out in the city and that's where she chose to do her portrait shoot. It was a great shoot and it was wonderful being surrounded by such beautiful artwork (a must see when visiting the city). She told me that before the shoot she watched America's Next Top Model to get ideas; she's a fan of the show and can't explain why...she's not the only one! ;p


ONADA Photography said...

she's a very pretty girl! you captured her beautifully.

Shar said...

AWESOME AWESOME JOB! I am so thrilled with the results, and you were amazing to work with.

Thank you!

triShie said...

wonderful, Sandy!!!