Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aileen + Nick = Engagement

She is a guidance counselor, he is a special education teacher. They have worked together for years and have always been acquaintances, but that was it and nothing more. 'Till one day, Nick decided that he wanted to get to know Aileen a little better and asked her out. From there, as Aileen put it, "It just felt right and things moved quickly." Then, they got engaged this past summer. They are getting married in July and I had the pleasure of hanging out with them in Central Park for their engagement pics. They are a beautiful, loving, fun couple and I wish them the best!


triShie said...

hey sandy!!
great to see the photographs!! i love the 9th one!!! :)

keep 'em coming!!

ONADA Photography said...

the pictures are absolutely gorgeous Sandy! I love them all you did an awesome job!