Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time Off

I took some time off to visit my cousin/sister and partner-in-crime Mary in Greenville, North Carolina. It was a surprise party that my second mom aunt Shirley and I were planning since she says Mary is the hardest person to surprise. We really pulled it off; it stayed a surprise and everything turned out beautifully. It was nice to get away. I miss them :(

The birthday girl

The theme was Thai and there was lots of yummy food!

We went out to eat and besides my beloved Cracker Barrel we went to a place called the 2nd Street Cafe and I loved it. It has a Soho, New York feel and the southern-style food was delicious. I loved the exposed brick and the message displayed over the door.

The Tipsy Teapot was a really nice, very cozy, quirky, laid-back little spot. While we were there, we enjoyed tea from their huge selection with gourmet sandwiches as "Chick" performed in the bar/lounge area. He was actually very good.

Oh and Bar-B-Cuties! Wow, oh so good! I didn't get to take a pic of my food because I was too busy scarfing it down.

My soda :)

My favorite subjects...

The brothers

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