Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is my first real post. I'm Sandy Jenete (Jenete is my middle name). I have loved photography ever since I held my first camera. I take pictures everywhere I go and I especially love to take pictures in this great city I live in. New York, New York it's a wonderful town (don't know the rest of the words)! Besides taking pictures, my life revolves around my son, an old girl named Serena and my boyfriend who absolutely HATES taking pictures. So let me tell you, I have some lovely pictures of his hand as it's covering his face. I use a Canon 40D, it's my other baby.

Some other things about me:
I laugh easily, I cry easily, I cry when I laugh, I love the color orange, I love people, I dislike ignorant people, I love babies, I love all music, I love live music, I love NY, I love bridges, I love the summer, I love the beach, I love that I don't look my age, I love chocolate, I love my son, I love sweetness, I love everything about LOVE. I invite you to tag along as I capture moments and do the thing I love.

Serena the old girl (she loves the beach!)

Soho NYC

the hand


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